Sales & sales leadership evaluation

Whether you are recruiting new salespeople, re-structuring your sales function, redefining key sales roles, searching for your next sales manager or trying to identify future sales leadership talent within your is essential that you have an objective, robust sales and sales leadership evaluation process to ensure that you make the right decisions both for the business and for the individual.

Our Service

The Boardroom specialise in the design and delivery of bespoke sales and sales leadership Assessment Centres. We use either your existing competency criteria, or work from frameworks that we have developed with you. We incorporate our ‘best practice’ sales leadership evaluation model, which is based on the common behaviours of the most successful sales performers across all sectors. We work in partnership with you to ensure that each assessment centre is completely tailored to your needs. Our exercises are sales and sales management specific and based on realistic and relevant scenarios from your industry. We evaluate your people in action; this can be either with real customers and internal colleagues, or via credible and challenging case study scenarios set within the context of your business. We compliment this with psychometrics, sales specific exercises, motivational analysis exercises, presentation evaluations and behavioural interviews. This approach allows the delegates to be observed in a relevant environment, and to receive upto-the-minute feedback on how their performance might be improved both during and after the Assessment Centre.

We are happy for our clients to retain active involvement in the assessment process, and we can provide professional assessor training where appropriate. The Boardroom adopts a flexible, professional, sales specific and client-centred approach. We are happy to offer face-to-face and written feedback, as well as executive group reporting.


You will receive an objective, sales specific evaluation of your salespeople and / or sales leaders from a professional team made up of sales and leadership experts, sales trainers and occupational psychologists. Your salespeople will have that evaluation benchmarked against both, ‘best practice’ behaviours and your own core competencies, to identify skills gaps. You will also get an objective view of their motivation levels to form a rounded and complete assessment.

With this detailed information you can decide for example: who you recruit, who you promote, who you lose, who has what accounts, who works in which team, who needs what development and how each member of your team needs to be managed.

What’s included in our Assessment Centres?

■ Sales specific observations – real meetings or role-play exercises
■ Group exercises and case studies
■ Individual exercises and presentations
■ Psychometric tests (ability and personality)
■ Situational judgement and ‘in-tray’ exercises
■ Structured and semi-structured behavioural interviews
■ Written exercises & self analysis
■ Motivational analysis exercises
■ Assessor training – for the client