Meet our team

  • Paul

    Qualifications: DipPFS, FISMM

    Specialties: Sales Training; Financial Services Selling

    Paul specialises in sales training and management development and has vast experience in the finance sector. He has over 15 years training experience and is the author of The Learners Pocketbook and The Personal Success Pocketbook. Paul has worked with clients such as RBS.

  • Anushka

    Qualifications: BEd, NLP (Master Practitioner)

    Specialties: Communication Skills; Team Motivation; Customer Service Excellence

    Anushka specialises in training which focuses on personal and interpersonal communication skills. She brings her highly motivational energy and enthusiasm to a range of areas from sales and customer service to management and train the trainer programmes. Her flexible approach and breadth of experience means she is happy working in any sector. Anushka has worked extensively with clients across the UK and internationally.

  • Audrey

    Specialties: Telesales and Customer Service

    Audrey is a specialist trainer in telephone techniques and customer service. With over 25 years experience in training, she has extensive experience in a variety of sectors, starting out in media. Audrey has worked closely with blue chip companies and SMEs and throughout she has focused on educating students on the importance of professional training and the positive impact it can have on their future career. Audrey has worked with a broad cross-section of clients from across industry.

  • David

    Qualifications: PG Certificate: Business Administration; BA in Business Studies & Marketing; British Psychology Society Acreditation 1 & 2; Diploma in Adult Psychology

    Specialties: Sales, Management & Leadership training, executive coaching & assessment; Executive Coaching; Strategic Consultancy

    David specialises in sales & leadership training and assessment as well as strategic consultancy and executive coaching. David was Group Sales Director for a FTSE 250 support services company, following an award winning sales career in a variety of sectors. As a trainer and programme director, he has designed and delivered sales and management training across the world . David was a co-founder of The Boardroom and has worked extensively with clients such as: DHL, RBS, Henkel, Shell, DuPont, Centrica, Revlon, Zurich Insurance, Akzo, Calloway and OPRO.

  • Neil

    Qualifications: Degree Mechanical Engineering; Diploma Marketing; FISMM; Member of the ISMM Qualifications Team

    Specialties: Sales Training, Presentation and Public Speaking; Relationships & Behaviour; Coaching & Mentoring

    Neil has been delivering training and development interventions in sales, middle and supervisory management for 30 years, all around the world. Prior to that Neil had an extensive career in sales and management in international industrial and manufacturing organisations. Neil’s reputation is that of a distinguished facilitator of learning, he has a pace of delivery that is appreciated and valued by all his delegates, and he is an expert in his field. Neil has worked with companies such as Accenture Consultants, Akzo Nobel, Shell, TDG Logistics, Qiagen Life Sciences and Bristan Group.

  • Michael

    Qualifications: MIRB (REC)

    Specialties: Assessment Centres; Media Sales; Recruitment Process Consultancy

    Michael has extensive sales experience in sectors such as financial services, media and engineering. Michael is also an experienced recruiter with an abundance of assessment and evaluation expertise, particularly in the engineering sector.

  • Robert

    Qualifications: MIRB (REC)

    Specialties: Interim Management; Financial Services Sales; Director-level Recruitment

    Robert is a highly experienced recruiter with particular knowledge of director-level assessment centres. Robert also has extensive experience in selling to and recruiting for the financial sector.

  • Dee

    Qualifications: ACIPD; AITOL; EAIIB

    Specialties: Management Development; Setting Goals and Standards; Team Building; Performance Management & Appraisals

    Dee has over 20 years’ experience of designing, writing and actively training a wide range of both soft and functional skills, around the world. Dee is a creative, energetic trainer, with a reputation for making training events practical, easy to understand and fun to attend. Dee has worked with companies such as Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, Aston Manor School, Birmingham Museums and Art Galleries, Wrekin Housing, ADAS, House of Griffins, Simba and Walkers Snacks.

    Dee also achieved a ‘Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults’, at Cambridge University

  • Jane

    Qualifications: Degree in Business Coaching; NLP Practitioner

    Specialties: Telesales; Customer Service; Communication and Team Management; Culture Change; Internal Sales Assessment

    Jane has designed and delivered many telesales, customer service and middle management development interventions across the world, and has completed a large number of private and public sector culture change projects. Jane has a reputation for inspiring her delegates to deliver through developing their own style. The companies Jane has worked with include Virgin Media, BUPA International, Lloyds TSB, Barclays, Kelvin Hughes, Keystone legal and Invitrogen.

  • Lisa

    Qualifications: PGCE; BSc Psychology

    Specialties: Programme Administration; Content Management; Quality Control

    Lisa works with the training and assessment team to ensure that all programme content is of the highest quality and that programmes are delivered as per client specification. Lisa is a qualified teacher and educational psychologist.

  • Bhavik

    Qualifications: MSc Occupational Psychology; BSC Psychology

    Specialties: Psychometric Testing; Behavioural Assessment

    Bhavik is responsible for the design, development and testing of sales specific psychometric profiles and motivational / aptitude evaluation exercises for sales and sales management personnel. Bhavik is also responsible for research and testing of tools and materials for the centres, along with assessment centre administration and marketing.

  • Adrian

    Qualifications: MIRP Member of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals; Dip. LC (OCODL)

    Specialties: Assessment Centres; Recruitment Process Consultancy; Executive Coaching

    Adrian has over 20years of experience in high level search & selection, assessment centre facilitations and executive outplacement. Adrian can provide strategic consultancy on the development and improvement of a company’s recruitment strategy, talent management processes, redundancy policy and outplacement procedure.

  • Julie

    Qualifications: BSc Psychology

    Specialties: Psychometric Testing; HR Consultancy; Behavioural Coaching

    Julie specialises in both psychometric testing (mental agility, behavioural style, motivational analysis) and in Human Resources consultancy. Julie has worked on assessment centre projects with a range of private and public sector clients.