The Boardroom designed and delivered for us an exceptional programme of sales and then sales management assessment & evaluation. The professionalism, energy and creativity from David and his team was outstanding, and the outcome of the evaluations have helped us enormously in shaping our sales and leadership teams moving forward.

Head of Sales Centrica (BGB)

I would not hesitate to recommend The Boardroom - the work David Scarfe and his team did with me to help build both our Sales culture and our team's Sales capability was outstanding. It exceeded expectations in every way, especially the return on investment - we saw an immediate and sustained improvement in our sales results that paid for the training many times over.

Before selecting David Scarfe, and The Boardroom team, we did an in depth search of the market - in the end it was the energy passion and deep Sales expertise that The Boardroom brought to the table that set their offering out from everything else available. This initial impression was no ‘flash in the pan’ either. They assessed, evaluated, designed and delivered a bespoke sales and sales management training programme that absolutely hit the spot. In doing so, they addressed key gaps in capability in a way that motivated a wide and varied audience. Unlike many training courses the outcome was real behaviour change, on a daily basis, back in the operation.

The support that The Boardroom proactively provided went beyond this sales leadership programme; helping us address many areas of performance and culture that led to a transformation of our Sales Business - as I mentioned the results quickly followed. On a personal level David Scarfe provided me with the necessary Exec coaching that helped me lead the change from the front.

Now for anything Sales or Sales Management related The Boardroom will be my first point of contact.

Sales Director, Capital One