I have no hesitation in recommending David Scarfe as a sales expert and professional, motivational trainer and The Boardroom as a training provider and business partner.

My teams and I have attended several training courses run by David and his team at The Boardroom and every single one has been of huge benefit. David takes an extremely professional approach to his courses and works extremely hard for my team, however he also makes sure every individual in my team works hard and challenges themselves, whilst attending each course.

David identifies his audience extremely quickly and engages each team member. Even the most difficult characters are won over by him and gain benefit from his training and expertise.

I have attended courses run by other trainers and now I would not use anyone else for our sales and sales management training or coaching requirements, simply because of The Boardroom’s determination to deliver return on investment and David’s genuine sales, leadership and people skills.

David has never failed to engage the team in the workshops he and The Boardroom have delivered and I see the benefits in our business constantly.

Managing Director, Epwin Group

A very good well delivered two days. A very professional course delivered in a fun, enthralling and engaging way.

The pace was quick and challenging but engaging and easy to understand. There were plenty of examples, relevant to our business, rather than just theory and the sessions have highlighted to me that my team and I need to work closely with all areas of the business to ensure that we develop our accounts to the level that David has shown us is possible.

An enlightening and inspiring 2 days. The training and development brief given was clearly understood and the training most appropriate as a result.

Sales Director, SFS Intec