Excellence in Sales Leadership

Excellence in Sales Leadership

Public Course:

Who is this course for?

Whether you are a newly appointed or experienced Sales Manager / Director, this very practical programme gives you a wealth of skills, tool and inspiring ideas for achieving sales targets. If you are a first-time sales manager, you will gain the core skills required to set up a team, provide focus and develop a structured approach. If you are more experienced and looking to further develop your knowledge, this programme is the ideal opportunity to learn new practices, different approaches and move from being a sales manager to an inspirational and authentic sales leader.

Business and personal benefit

An organisation’s sales team is an incredibly important and powerful entity. It is the face of a business, able to make or break customer relationships and business reputations. A company’s sales team needs to be focused, directed, energised and motivated. More importantly it needs authentic, inspirational leadership.

The Boardroom’s Sales Leadership public programme provides sales leaders with a safe environment for essential sales management skills to be learned, practised and perfected.

This course focuses on the key sales leadership skills required to create and lead a professional sales team to high performance. It will also develop your business acumen and understanding of the financial elements of the sales leadership role.

Course Outcomes

You will leave the course able to:

  • Understand what being an Authentic, Inspirational leader really means
  • Identify your own management and leadership style
  • Recruit the right team – with skills in interviewing, assessment & onboarding
  • Motivate your team, individually and collectively, to achieve sales success
  • Performance manage team members, effectively
  • Our Sales Leadership programmes are interactive and highly participative in style.
  • All trainers / facilitators are highly experienced and successful sales leaders themselves
  • The Boardroom’s App with pre-course registration / post-course material download
  • Post-course project and on-line supportive mentoring session with Trainer
  • Sales Leadership Styles
  • The role of a leader
  • Sales team motivation
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Mentoring skills
  • Sales team Coaching
  • Sales meetings
  • Recruiting sales achievers
  • Performance management
  • Business finance
  • Sales team building
  • Counselling
  • Managing team dynamics

• Understand your team: their strengths and areas for improvement

  • Identify each team member’s personality type & know how to adapt accordingly

• Coach and develop your team to achieve optimum performance

• Use a clear business plan for developing, forecasting and measuring business

• Confidently prepare and deliver productive and motivational sales meetings

• Use proven tools to measure & analyse team activity aligned to core business objectives

Style of learning

• We ensure your learning experience is 100% relevant to ‘real life’ situations

Before, during & after your programme

• Pre and de-brief calls to establish goals and assess progress

• A comprehensive sales leadership development tool to use immediately on your team

• Comprehensive materials including copy of all slides and tools used

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