Strategic Consultancy

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We may be going through a period of unprecedented economic turmoil, but one thing hasn’t changed – it’s the quality of the sales people and those managing them that is going to make the difference between the success and failure of your business.

The Boardroom’s Strategic Consultancy service is ultimately all about the people in your sales function including your internal and external sales teams, their sales managers and sales directors. We have a clear focus on sales performance. We help you build high performance sales teams managed and supported by high performance sales leaders.

We can advise and support you on a range of issues including:

strategic consultancy
  • Creating a marketing strategy
  • Developing your channel strategy
  • Implementing or improving your sales process
  • Designing a fair and motivational reward and recognition scheme
  • Creating a proactive and positive sales culture
  • Identifying existing sales talent
  • Retaining and motivating sales talent
  • Resourcing, training and coaching top sales people
  • Developing sales leaders
  • Managing change in sales function dynamics
  • Motivational and behavioural analysis
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